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Seasonal Dumps With Sara Bradford

Seasonal Dumps with Sara Bradford

On this episode Mia chats with Sara Bradford. This is a long episode filled will lots of nuggets. They dive into her upbringing which is filled with nuggets for moms wanting to raise kids who grow up loving food and how she kept it real as she studied nutrition. Sara makes mouths water with her description of food being beautiful. She talks kitchen prep mindfulness — music, flowers, kids, essential oils, gratitude. She talks about stepping off the scale and how to really care about the journey. Sara shares her viewpoint on sugar which we can all learn from, including birthday cakes and treats, so love moves away from sugar and towards what actually matters in a moment. She talks about balance as compared to an extreme diet, and how she uses “dumps” to get ladies to move into balance and simplicity. She talks a lot about how to eat with the seasons, and even touches on how possibly green smoothies do not make sense all year long.

Sara Bradford is as passionate about red wine as she is about green smoothies. When she’s not writing about menstruation in her nutrition blog, she is a mama, a no-b.s. nutrition resource for awesome women tired of nutrition b.s., and fearlessly leading women with her signature program The Community Dump — a series of seasonal cleanses designed to get women as passionate about food and cooking and living as she is. Find her at OR

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“Mia brings together the ideas and people to inspire a more balanced and meaningful life as a mom. She keeps it real and makes me laugh! I listen while I clean, walk, drive and fold laundry. She’d like a wise and caring friend who understands and supports the journey of motherhood. Mia know just what to say so that I feel understood and then provides the nuggets of wisdom with personal stories to reinvigorate my day.”
“Each week, I look forward to this podcast. Mia thoughtfully interviews guests who share their tips and tricks for encouraging healthy living for moms and their families. The ideas are not the traditional ones, and I am always in need of new, slightly unconventional ideas.”
“I love the simple and practical view that Mia takes on food and life. It encourages me to keep leading a healthy lifestyle that is accessible for any mom!”
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