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Meet Julie Hannon
When we drop into our heart, it allows us to step out of time, to disconnect from the place of do, do, do, and be really, really present with ourselves and our connection to magic, to spirit, to the oneness where there is no time, where it's all infinite. - Julie Hannon

Meet Julie Hannon

Meet Julie Hannon.

Julie Hannon is a shamanic healer and teacher. She is committed to helping people discover themselves, their joy, and beauty in life. She is passionate about connecting with people and helping each and everyone discover their own special strengths and gifts. She works with people to remove barriers to possibilities. She brings diverse training and multiple certifications in energy work and yoga to her work, along with more than twenty years of professional experience as a human resources director, where she worked with executives, teams, organizations, and individuals, leading them on a journey of discovery and successful transformations. Throughout her work, she has been a professional facilitator and teacher, moderating, leading groups and creating programs and retreats. 

In May, Julie will be a grounding guide and lead us in meditation that will help us get the most out of the experience!

Today Julie gives us a glimpse into why meditation and a morning practice works, and how we can use it to feel more at ease now. Julie is currently leading a morning meditation each morning on Facebook. Check them out here » 

Make sure to sign up for the Art of 90 Days, and learn more from Julie and see how a simple practice can help change your relationship with time. Many of the strategies she shares are the ones that have served me well in my own personal development, and it was so exciting to hear why they work!

I am hosting a really exciting experience in May called the Art of 90 Days. The idea behind this event is that moms have big goals that can get lost in the ups and downs of a year, so why not focus on a season.

We are going to look at why 90 days is a great time frame to work on a goal and speak with 30+ experts to unpack how to create and reach a goal in their area of expertise. 

We will be looking at the topics that come up the most for women going through the flow planning process – we will be looking at food and wellness goals, lifestyle goals, soul goals, and work goals – as I believe you need one of each to feel whole. You can go grab your free ticket at

If you have ever been to one of our virtual experiences before you will LOVE this! 

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • The information you need to make big changes in a 90-day period
  • 30+ experts who each share their 90-day strategies on topics that include: sleep, food, exercise, decluttering, parenting, mindfulness, relationships, money, and entrepreneurship
  • Beautiful planning sheets, so you can make the information yours
  • Time to connect with speakers and attendees
  • Meal plans so you feel great while you learn
  • Movement and meditation between talks to help you integrate what you learn
  • Innovative solutions so you can show up if kids are still out of school

We are currently looking at the best way to present this experience to you. Originally, it was 4 Fridays while the kids were at school. I am not sure that will be happening, so we are coming up with the best way you can benefit from this info, with kids home. 

This will be coming out at a time when we will all be excited to come out of the “Coronavirus season” and make some revised 2020 goals that we can pull off in just 90 days.

Get your ticket here »


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