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Focus on one doable change at a time...

Welcome!!! I’m so happy you found us and really excited to understand how we can serve you and your family.

If you are brand new to healthy eating, it can feel very overwhelming. But here’s the thing, it is a process and you just need to take one doable step at a time.

Today that doable step might be as simple as a glass of water. Tomorrow it might be about making your first green smoothie. In a month it might be about mastering meal planning or getting your picky eater to love asparagus. It’s all an adventure, and it’s meant to be fun!

I recommend everyone start with 10 doable changes and I’ve created a great free resource to help you accomplish that. Feel what it’s like to integrate these 10 important changes into your life and then figure out where you want to go next. When you’re ready for something a bit more complex we have a program to take you to the next level — insiders call it The Lab — and if you already drink your water and can make a mean green smoothie, come check it out.

Set your kitchen up for success!

You will hear me mention two products a lot — my Vitamix and my pressure cooker. They are the two products that make my life a lot easier in the kitchen. You can check them out here. I use the Vitamix to make smoothies at least twice a day. I also use it very regularly to make dressings, dips, soup, cashew cream, and muffin mix. I most frequently use the pressure cooker to cook beans. I like buying dried beans rather than canned beans. I soak them overnight and then they take just 12 minutes in the pressure cooker… how cool is that!

You will hear me mention some specific food products too — raw cacao (because even a healthy girl needs chocolate!) and juice plus (a juice food supplement that I take everyday).

It takes a village.

I tell people quite often that this whole mothering thing is pretty much impossible and unnatural to do alone. It makes it so much better when you are hooked up with other moms trying to puree peas, get a non-mac and cheese dinner on the table and take good care of themselves all at the same time. If community feels like the thing you need to make this journey easier, we have a free facebook community we would love you to join.

There is a ton of free content on this site so click around, read and have fun. I also host a podcast with amazing guests, so if you’d like to settle in for a good listen and a hit of inspiration, the podcast is for you.

Whether you read, listen or download… do me a favor: Don’t let piles of food papers build up. Choose one small thing and do it today. Then choose something new a few days down the road.

If you want to be part of the Plan Simple World, which I would love, then just make sure you sign up to be on our email list. That is the way that we communicate when we have a free training, new valuable piece of  content, great program or live event coming up.

I am constantly creating new things for my community, and my intention is to make all the information easy to absorb and the practices easy to implement. It is my goal to help busy moms in a variety of situations who want to change the way they eat.

Stay in action and love.

Action is the foundational key to all success.
– Pablo Picasso

If you need more direction and inspiration, let us help you find it…

Mom whose child has been diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity

Mom who wants to lose some baby weight

Mom who just wants a healthy household

To your health!

I am so excited to be on this journey with you!!!






PS Learn more about me here.

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