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15 Food Hacks to Consider

Sometimes it’s the simple little changes that make a HUGE difference. One thing that I love about changing our food is that it can change so much more in our lives, from less sickness to more energy to deeper connection.…

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15 Family Lifestyle Hacks

Sometimes it’s the simple little changes that make a HUGE difference in making our busy family lives feel a bit more manageable. I’m all about doable changes. Here are 15 lifestyle hacks from the Plan Simple Podcast guests to transform…

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Picky Picky

In this episode we consider a planning tool that will help you move a picky eater to a more adventurous one. This job is very often helped by the other tools we are covering: having your family brand, doing a…

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Emotional Eating with Lindsey Goldwasser

On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I’m so excited to talk with Lindsey Goldwasser, a holistic health advocate, wellness educator, and energy expert (because who doesn’t need more energy?). Lindsey got into health coaching as a result…

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Your Holiday with Mia

Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in the US (which means we are in the full swing of the holiday season. You have your plans. You know who is making what. But maybe it doesn’t look quite like a Martha Stewart…

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