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The Rhythm of Food

Fall is a busy time. Moms shuffle kids all around town to school and activities. Work projects kick into gear. Farmers are busy harvesting and storing. The cool air seems to encourage us to be “worker bees” – no matter…

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The Cost of Healthy Eating

One of the biggest barriers to health that I hear from folks who want to eat healthy but can’t stick to their plan is about the cost. But here is my question for you…. What is the real cost of…

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Summer, Traveling, Healthy Eating

The thing that I love about summer and clean eating is that there is an abundance of local, fresh food that is easy to come by and cheaper than the out-of-season counterparts! But that said, when you add a layer…

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Is summer a bummer?

Childless friends, grandparents, siblings, and even husbands might say, what can be rough about summer? How about relatives who have no kids, older kids, or just different kids, who plan a vacation without your own younger kids’ bedtime in mind.…

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Living on Purpose

It was my birthday on Friday. Birthdays always get me thinking more deeply… how about you? After I had my first child, I found my birthday wasn't a big deal anymore – to anyone else! Everything was all about the…

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