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Warming foods vs. Cooling foods

I have the great honor of being friends with Eva Rawposa, Chef and founder of Uncooking 101. A few years ago, around this time of year, I asked her about the winter and eating raw foods. She explained that you…

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All About Beans

It’s really easy to reach for a can of beans, but it is just as easy to rinse, soak, sprout, cook and enjoy the benefits of fresh dried beans. It just takes a little planning.... Rinse, Soak, Sprout All beans…

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An interview with Sally Kuzemchak Every parent in America wants their children to eat well, but we are constantly battling the onslaught of advertising from the big food companies, Coke machines in schools, and processed foods that create addictions in…

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Redefining Thanksgiving

One year after I decided to try life without gluten or animal protein, my then 5 year-old son became obsessed with Native Americans. He made teepees, wore moccasins, and wrote letters that did not resemble our alphabet. He made it…

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Planning Simple Kids’ Birthdays

I love having parties! With three children and 24 fun birthday celebrations behind me, I have plenty of ideas to share on planning simple birthdays that I learned by going through some not-so-simple moments! Let’s make a plan... Here are…

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