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Every mom should feel amazing in her body. Every child should thrive in school — and beyond. No more preventable sick days. No more dreading dinner. Let’s make food fun and super healthy — together! You in?


21 simple strategies to cleanse your familiy’s calendar and make space for healthy habits.

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40 Dairy-free and Gluten-free snack ideas that even work in the car
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How to make healthy habits stick — despite a sick kid, a school vacation, or some yummy cookies at the dessert table — one doable change at a time!

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The Plan Simple Meals Podcast

Introducing the Plan Simple Meals podcast for families who want to create a healthier, happier home—one meal at a time. Listen in for informative conversations on food and family. Let’s make family dinner healthy and fun!

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About Mia

Mia Moran envisions a world where kids crave salads, moms feel healthy and energetic, and the whole family feels fabulous after every meal — and she hopes you will join her on the journey.

She helps busy moms find the time to put food first, so kids thrive in school and parents can show up as the best versions of themselves.

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