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Mia’s Most Popular Talk

How to end the overwhelm around family and food ­— and get your kids to happily eat their veggies!

Transform your body, your family and your community  — one dish at a time

Is the food you eat making you sick? Do you know how food affects your kids’ performance in school, and their future health and happiness? How can you keep eating clean at the top of your to-do list?

With long work hours, after-school activities and easy take-out options, the odds are stacked against busy families trying to live healthy lives. Mia provides strategies, solutions, tips and tricks that help the whole family eat clean every day.

In this informative session you’ll learn:

  • Simple, doable changes you can start today that will make a huge impact on your energy, your waistline and your family’s future
  • 3 things you “know” about food that simply are not true and WHY it is really important to understand more about what and how you eat
  • The secret to sustaining your new life… with ease!

Your health is not in the hands of your doctors, the pharmaceutical industry or even your acupuncturist — it is in your own. So hop in the driver’s seat, and safely bring your kids along for the ride (before they can drive themselves)!

Mia’s Other Talks

Navigating Conference Room Lunches and Day Care Snacks: Eating food that makes you more productive at work and more loving at home

Working in an office can be hard for moms. Mia will introduce working moms to simple, doable steps designed to shift the way they eat so that they lose unwanted weight, become more productive at work, and become the kinds of individuals and parents they really want to be.

How to Handle Food Allergies and Feed a Family: Tools for a busy mama to shape her family’s future

Finding out your child has a food allergy is hard! School events, birthdays, and just ordering a simple meal at a restaurant is challenging. Get simple strategies for meal planning; helping our kids have a healthy perspective on their allergies so they don’t feel “different” or “left out” around food; and discovering all of the amazing alternatives and benefits that people without food allergies overlook. This talk helps you and your kids not only survive, but THRIVE!


Mia’s Speaking Style

Mia leads her audiences with a dynamic, fast-paced mix of practical, “how-to” information delivered witha high dose of inspiration and motivation. Her infectious energy, beautiful slides and upbeat spirit will help busy moms change the way they think about food – and take action toward a better future for themselves and their families!

Her involvement with both corporate and universities during her 15 years running a design firm coupled with her involvement in Waldorf education with her 3 children, allows Mia to impact a wide variety of parents.


A Focus on Moms

Mia focuses on moms because she believes moms have the power to change the current state of the Standard American Diet. All of  Mia’s talks are accompanied by beautiful slides and fast-action worksheets, so attendees experience success quickly.

line-lightMia’s Presentations are Perfect for:

  • Schools
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Groups
  • Gluten-free Conferences
  • Healthy Living Expos
  • Women’s Retreats
  • Yoga Studios
  • Parenting Groups


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