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Lead by Example with Christie Kennedy Manuel

Mia and Christie dive into what it means to get results with fitness and grabbing “me” time as a busy mom. She talks about how powerful it is to come home and “be fit” even when your kids don’t see it happening. They talk about the gym vs. the bootcamp model, and Christie shares how the bootcamp model was just the amount of accountability she needed when her kids were young. “No guilt, no blame , no shame, just figure out what’s going to work for you and make it happen,” says Christie. Christie has some great tips for how to get kids involved in fitness. They dive into why it is so important for moms to take time, and how you can make time for yourself and your body. You can sign up for Dai and Christie’s Whole Life Fitness Challenge at http://wholelifefitnessmanifesto.com/. And don’t forget to join a growing group of mamas trying to make great choices in their families at www.healthymomsmeetup.com.

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  1. Absolutely amazing interview! I absolutely love this woman… (no bias at all) 😉 Great interview Mia – thank you for chatting to my beautiful tinge-o-ginge!

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